What we do


Orbit Africa’s business model involves the following:

  • We supply a range of quality consumer goods at affordable prices throughout Africa by means of a strategically appointed network of agents and distributors
  • This range of products consist of our own brands tailor made for the African market, complimented by other South African and international brands
  • Within our group of companies we have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to effectively handle all aspects of international trade. We can therefore offer assistance with supply chain and logistics support for all transactions from order placement to end delivery
  • Identification of significant business opportunities throughout Africa and globally

One of our key objectives will be to promote trade between African countries, thereby contributing to the economic growth and making the African continent more self-sufficient (i.e. “trading by Africans with Africans”). Whilst we will always endeavour to source the most appropriate supplier for any goods and services, emphasis will be placed on identifying local (African) suppliers with the necessary skills, expertise and technology that can successfully compete with traditional “first choice” global suppliers.

This objective will be achieved through:

  • The building and establishment of long term business relationships with suppliers and customers
  • A thorough knowledge of the unique trading conditions and supply chain network in Africa
  • A focus on supplying best quality products at the most competitive prices
  • Maintaining ethical business practices at all times




Our business is built on the following three key operational pillars:


We have the ability to source, from our own or other prominent brands, a wide range of quality goods for discerning African consumers. Our extensive knowledge of both the supplier base as well as consumer requirements and preferences helps us to find the ideal match for our customers’ requirements.


We connect suppliers of world class products and brands with buyers and distributors throughout our extensive network. Through our specialized involvement throughout the value chain, we help reputable suppliers to grow their brands, whilst at the same time help the consumers to benefit from having access to quality products at competitive prices. We facilitating trade through our passionate approach, extensive business network and by having the highest regard for professional and ethical business practices.


We understand the importance of having a good product and more importantly of having a regular and consistent supply of such product in order to retain loyal customers. We also know that supply chains are often complex and irregular throughout Africa, making it a challenge to consistently supply products on time and in the best possible condition. One of our key differentiators is the fact that we have the capacity within our group of companies to control the supply chain from order placement to final delivery. We therefore make use of the best, most specialized logistics service providers and has the ability to handle from very small, urgent orders to large scale continuous supply programs. We also specialize in consolidated shipments made up of a variety of different products and brands in a single shipping container.