About Us



Orbit Africa Trading (Pty) Ltd (“Orbit Africa”) was established in 2011 in response to an increasing demand by cross-border traders for sustainable, reliable and above all cost-effective imports to their countries. We are a proudly South African company, with our headquarters situated in the Western Cape. We pride ourselves in the fact that we represent a network of strategic partners with world class products and brands, the highest regard for professional and ethical business practices and a passion for promoting trade between African countries.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make quality and affordable consumer goods more accessible to the average African consumer. In doing so, we will be making a meaningful contribution to the lives of ordinary Africans and ultimately to improving standards of living on our continent.

 Our values

simple, uncomplicated and transparent approach to all business transactions.

to consistently be able to supply quality products at affordable prices.

with the aim of establishing long term, sustainable relationships with suppliers and customers.

Our mission

  1. To establish and continuously expand our trusted supplier network to enable us to offer quality, leading edge products at competitive prices on a consistent basis
  2. To expand our footprint of regional network agents and distributors throughout Africa, thereby making our products accessible to much wider consumer segments
  3. To make quality products more affordable and thereby improving the livelihood of the average African consumer, through the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries and costs within the value chain
  4. To stimulate trade between African countries
  5. To create wealth for shareholders and trading partners through the establishment and growth of a long term sustainable business
  6. To build relationships and create many “success stories” through our dealings and interaction with business partners
  7. To always enjoy what we are doing and not lose the passion for continuously exceeding customer satisfaction
  8. To proudly build a legacy of a truly great and respected company for ourselves, our family and our successors.


Our People

“If you make a sale you make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.” Jim Rohn – American entrepreneur and business philosopher. Our people are experts in their respective fields, has extensive knowledge of trading in Africa and are passionate about service delivery and building long term relationships.



Hernus Dempsey
Managing Director

Hernus Dempsey, Founder and Managing Director of Orbit Africa has a passion for sourcing product, connecting people and ultimately facilitating trade. His career travelled along different paths and reached a peak in 2002 when he joined a major retailer as the buyer for all their stores in Africa. With the help of his involvement, they serviced the needs of 16 countries across Africa and grew the business year on year. Lead times, service delivery and globally owning the route to market was the lessons learned through experience and building solid relationships. This role honed his 15 years’ Management level experience within International Buying and Supply Chain operations and led to the establishment of Orbit Africa (Pty) Ltd. Give him the opportunity to source, negotiate and deliver your product!

Dipl Road Transport (RAU)
B.Econ (UFS)


Djibril Diatta
Business Development Director

Djibril Diatta has several years of experience in a variety of fields including management and contracting. Born in Gabon, West Africa, his heart lies in the development of Africa as a World Economic Contender. His career to date has been a reflection of his entrepreneurial flair and together with excellent communication skills have built a network of strategic partnerships across multiple industries. As Business Development Director for the company, his main goal is to generate value through the creation and expansion of economic activity and by identifying and exploiting new products, processes and markets.

Business Management(CPUT)